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BC Wool Jersey 2012 / 2013

Design Chris Cullum

Previously items could be ordered direct from Cima Coppi. Cima Coppi has moved from East Van to Spain. Chris thinks it may still be possible to get the jersey, etc., but it may be more complicated. Chris thinks the price has gone up. Contact Cima Coppi for availability.

Cima Coppi: for ordering and mention that you want a BC Rando jersey or apparel.

Pricing (in 2012):
Short sleeve 6" zip $105 (add $10 for full zip)
Long sleeve 6" zip $112 (add $10 for full zip)
Arm warmers $33
Cap $25 (+$4 for ear flaps)
All these prices do not include PST+GST at 12%

A nice feature is that our supplier is able to customize sleeve length on the long sleeve jerseys if you need slightly longer or shorter than the stock length at no extra charge. Please specify on the order form if want to adjust sleeve length.

Questions? --> Chris Cullum