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2017 Canada Day Populaire - Registration


There are two ways to sign up for the ride:

1. Pre-registration. Pre-registration is through cnnbikes.com. 2017 pre-registration closes Friday, June 30 at noon. Pre-registration until June 15th is $20. After June 15th pre-registration will be $25.

We are asking people to choose thier start time as part of the pre-registration this year as this will help us with tracking times. There will be group starts every 30 minutes. If you change your start time just let us know at the finish so we can keep your time accurate.

2. Ride Day Registration. You can sign up on the morning of the ride between 6:45 and 8:15 a.m. Riders are encouraged to have their event entry and waiver filled out in advance. Please allow at least 20 minutes extra for day of ride registration. Ride day registration will cost $30. Thank you.

SPECIAL NOTE ON 6:30 START TIME Over the years many particpants have requested earlier start times. If you want to start at 6:30 you must pre-register and you run the risk of getting to the first control before they have all the food and drinks set up. Also, it is very unlikely the bathroom at the start will be open that early, based on previous years. Things to know!