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BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

White Rock - Olympia - Willapa Bay

Proposed route for the 2010 October 9 1000.

Contact: Tracy Barill

Route Overview:

   0.0  White Rock
  80.0  Alington
 xxx.x  Seattle
 371.0  Olympia
 xxx.x  Centralia
 xxx.x  Pe Ell
 xxx.x  Willapa Bay
 xxx.x  Oakville
 630.0  Olympia
 xxx.x  Seattle
 xxx.x  Arlington
1001.0  White Rock

(75 hour limit)



Other Information from Tracy:
The Red Lions Hotel in Olympia would likely serve as an intermediate juncture for Days 1 & 2 (I think that a drop bag service could also be arranged – i.e. me).

I like the route with a little more climbing on Day 2 but not significantly so and with a break in distance – total elevation is likely around 4000m (the software says 2500m – I suspect more).