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Vancouver - Bella Coola 1000

Route designed by Susan Allen, who was the organizer in its first running in August 2009. In 2009 it was rerouted by the organizer because
of road closure due to fires. Keith Nichol and Nigel Press completed the rerouted version.

Gary Sparks completed a Burnaby start (Lougheed and North Road) version of the original route in June 2010

The 2010 organizer was: Alex Pope

Route Overview:
(Not for 2010)

   0.0  Vancouver (Alma & Broadway) <--Not for 2010
  68.7  Mission (7-11) <--Not for 2010
 152.0  Hope (Water St Chevron)
 229.8  Boston Bar (Alpine Canyon Restaurant)
 298.0  Spences Bridge
 346.0  Cache Creek
 417.3  70 Mile
 457.6  100 Mile
 548.5  Williams Lake
 594.6  Riske Creek
 661.3  Alexis Creek
 694.3  Redstone Flat
 768.3  Tatla Creek
 791.0  Kleena Kleene
 864.5  Anahim Lake
 940.3  Stuie
 980.2  Hagensborg
1000.4  Bella Coola (Bella Coola Valley Inn)

(75 hour limit)

Notes: Not all places listed above actually have anything there, and those
that do are not necessarily open 24 hrs (most are not).
Controls will be limited (very limited if no-one has support).
The road is not paved between Anahim Lake and Stuie.

Route Sheet - 2009

Route Sheet - 2010

Other Information:
(Message from ride organizer Susan Allen following the August 2009 event. Susan and Doug decided not to ride because of the extremely hot conditions, but drove support for Keith and Nigel. Here is some information about services on the route.)

Accommodation: For the 2009 attempt we did a night start and planned to stay at:
100 Mile House, Ramada, 250.395.2777, South End of Town, nice for a
Rando hotel (and more dear)
Tatla Lake, Graham's Inn 877-408-2220
Bella Coola, Bella Coola Valley Inn, 888-799-5316

Food: (I have not included opening/closing times... these change alot year to year!)
Hope, Chevron on Water Street 24 hrs
Boston Bar, Canyon Alpine
Lytton, Esso Gas
Spences Bridge, Rumours Restaurant and Bakery
Cache Creek, lots of choice
Clinton, a number of places, including Shell and Grocery Store
70-Mile Store and Greyhound Station
100-Mile lots of choice including a Safeway (we bought pizza and cooked it in hotel)
Lac La Hache, closed for us, water in Prov. Park
Williams Lake, 24 hr Timmy Ho's
Riske Crk, Toosey Band Gas Station -- think this is off the Hwy
Hanceville, Lee's General Store
Alexis Creek, Alexis Creek General Store
Redstone Flat, Redstone Flat Store
Tatla Creek, Graham's Inn
Nimpo Lake, Nimpo Lake Bakery
Anahim Lake, Dutchman Restaurant, Grandma's Corner Service (off Hwy)
Tweedsmuir Lodge (need to pre-book 877-982-2407)
Hagensborg, lots of choice including Coho Cafe and Store