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Vancouver Vancouver(WA) Vancouver 1200 km
This route does not use I5
It bypasses Southern SI-90, Greater Seattle, and Tacoma
Bypass includes: Arlington, Granite Falls, Monroe, Carnation, Issaquah, Enumclaw, Buckley, (Close to)Orting, Roy/Yelm
Distance: 1202.4 kilometers

So this is just the middle "bypass" portion of the route beginning in Arlington. Refere to the 1120 km non-I5 page for the rest of the route.

  0.0  Left SR-530 (East)                   0.2 km 
  0.2  Bear RIGHT (East) on E Division St   0.2 km 
  0.4  RIGHT (South) on (N) French Ave      1.2 km 
  1.6  LEFT (East) on E Highland Dr         0.4 km 
  2.0  RIGHT(S) 83rd NE [S Stillaguamish]   0.5 km 
  2.5  Continue (S) Burn Rd [Burn Hill Rd] 17.0 km 
       (140th St, Stehr Rd, 116th St, 159th Ave, 100th St)
 19.5  RIGHT (South) onto Jordan Rd         0.5 km 
 20.0  LEFT(East) SR-92 [Granite Falls Hwy] 0.9 km 
 20.9  RIGHT (South) on S Alder Ave         0.4 km 
 21.3  LEFT E) on 92nd St NE [E Pioneer St] 0.7 km 
 22.0  RIGHT (CO?) Menzel Lake Rd           4.8 km 
 26.8  Bear LEFT S-E) on N Lake Rosinger Rd 5.3 km 
 32.0  RIGHT(South) on NW Lake Roesiger Rd  5.3 km 
 37.4  LEFT (East) on Woods Creek Rd       16.6 km 
 54.0  RIGHT (W) on US-2 [Stevens Pass Hwy] 0.4 km 
 54.4  LEFT (S-W) on SR-203 [N Lewis St]   29.3 km 
 83.7  Carnation City Hall, SR-203 [Tolt]   1.3 km 
 85.0  RIGHT (West) on NE Tolt Hill Rd      1.1 km 
 86.2  bear LEFTon W Snoqualmie River Rd NE 8.4 km 
       (Main St, SE 24th, 309 & 308th Ave) 
 94.6  RIGHT (West) on SE 40th St           9.9 km 
104.5  LEFT(S-E)on E Lake Sammamish Pky SE 29.4 km 
       (Front, Issaquah Hobart, 276, Landsburg, 
          Ravensdale Way, Black Diamond) 
133.9  LEFT(S)on SR-169[Maple V. Black D.] 13.3 km 
147.3  Bear LEFT (South) on Porter St         80 m 
147.4  LEFT (South-East) on Initial Ave     0.2 km 
147.5  RIGHT (South-West) on Cole St        0.7 km 
148.2  Bear RIGHT (South-West) on SR-410    5.6 km 
153.9  LEFT?/RIGHT (S-W) on SR-165          2.5 km 
156.4  Continue(W)on SR-162[Pioneer Way E] 14.1 km 
170.5  LEFT (South) on Orville Rd E         8.2 km 
178.7  RIGHT (West) on 264th St E           6.8 km 
185.5  LEFT (S) on SR-161 [Meridian Ave E]  4.1 km 
189.6  RIGHT(W)on Kapowsin Hwy[304th St E] 11.0 km 
200.6  LEFT (South) on 8th Ave S            4.8 km 
205.4  RIGHT (West) on SR-702               8.5 km 
213.9  LEFT (South) SR-507, [Roy/Yelm]

Rejoin VVV route non-I5 version between Roy and Yelm.
Proceed to Vancouver WA - 197.8 km.

Distance Summary
Vancouver CA to Arlington: 189.5
Arlington to Roy/Yelm:     213.9
Roy/Yelm to Vancouver USA: 197.8
Total:                     601.2
& back again (x2):        1202.4