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Vancouver Vancouver(WA) Vancouver
Most direct route (Parts of I5 are off limits for bikes...)

Distance: 983.8 kilometers

       Start/Finish: Vancouver City Hall, Canada 

  0.0  West on W 12th Ave                       0.9 km
  0.9  LEFT (South) on Oak... Hwy 99... I5... 490.0 km 
490.9  Bear Right on I-5 Exit 1C,               0.5 km
       (Mill Plain Blvd. / City Center)
491.4  RIGHT (North-West) on E 15th St          0.4 km 
491.8  LEFT (South) on E Broadway St            0.2 km 
491.9  Arrive Vancouver City Hall (USA)             --

Return to Vancouver Canada on same route.

(This would be a dangerous route - not really recommended)