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Cape Disappointment 1000

Route was designed by Bob Koen in 2014.
In June 2014 nine riders finished this route. Go to: Bob's Story. Go to Rick's Story.


This was the Lower Mainalnd Spring 1000 in 2014, June 21-24.
Bob Koen was the organizer.


Route Overview:

Start: Vancouver: 4th & Boundary
Finish: Vancouver: Knight & Day Restaurant, Boundary & Lougheed

   0  Vancouver (4th and Boundary)
  92  Bellingham
 189  Whidbey Island - Keystone Ferry
 367  Montesano
 487  Cape Disappointment
 512  Rest Area near Astoria Bridge
 628  Montesano
 683  Shelton
 853  Stanwood
1001  Vancouver (Knight & Day)

(75 hour limit)

Ride with GPS - Bob Koen

2014 Route Sheet
Excel - Bob Koen


Bob's Notes:

This should be a nice route. I have tried to make it as reasonable as possible in terms of climbing. It does have two ferry crossings to consider. The first one will be in the afternoon of the first day for all riders so is not a logistical issue. The second one will likely be in the early morning of the third day for most riders. The last ferry here is at 10:30 on Sunday night and the first one is at 4:55 am on Monday morning. The first overnight will be at Montesano Monte Square motel 360-249-4424. They tell me that they have pretty limited space for the Saturday night so book early. Apparently there are three motels in Raymond if Monte Square is full . There is also a motel in Elma before Montensano, but to get there would require backtracking.

The second night could be spent in Shelton, Bremerton, or Kingston. There should be lots of options for motels.

Additional Wed June 18, 2014: The preride for the Cape Disappointment 1000 never happened due to an early morning mechanical that kept us from ever starting the ride. So that means that we will have an untested 'adventure' route yet again this year. Lets hope that all of the riders are good at navigating in case there are any errors in the route sheet or unexpected road closures... I am hoping that a few folks will check out the route sheet on the web site and find any potential errors. Narayan has already been very helpful with some suggestions due to riding many of these roads recently on SIR brevets.

Additional (also) Wed June 18, 2014: The Lower Mainland 1000 is fast approaching. This will be a scenic tour across Washington State to the junction of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. The turnaround is at Cape Disappointment where you can watch huge freighters bob around like toy boats as they cross the Columbia River bar. Its pretty cool and well worth cycling for 3 days to see.

The route sheet as posted on the web is now the final route. Recommended hotels are the Monte Square motel in Montesano and the Shelton Inn in Shelton. There is a restaurant associated with the Shelton Inn that opens at 5 am. Breakfast on the second morning is best obtained in Raymond as there won`t be anything other than the gas station open in Montesano at the time you should be leaving there.

There are some long stretches without services on this route, particularly at night. Bring something to munch on with you on the bike. The route sheet tries to point out places where resupplying will be possible, but please be like the boy scouts and be prepared. Yer on yer own out there.

If you are planning to do this route and haven`t already done so, please contact me or sign up on Rando Pony. I will be riding and will be leaving at 6 am. No late starts. If something goes horribly wrong and you won`t be getting to the start at 6 am then please call me at 604-700-8794 and we will work something out.

The end is at the Night and Day restaurant. You can leave your control card with them. There will be an envelope at the cash register for them to put it in. I will pick up the control cards when I roll in as the lantern rouge. I recommend taking a picture of both sides of the control card before you hand it over to them.

I have GPX files broken down by day since I find that my Garmin can`t navigate a long route like this as one single route. Contact me offline if you want me to send the GPX files to you.